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Cost of Attendance

Through cost of attendance, our student-athletes have additional resources (stipend) above and beyond room, board, books and tuition that aid them in their adjustment of being a college student while having time demands that make it difficult for them to have a job to supplement their reasonable living expenses.

For NIU coaches and programs, cost of attendance allows the ability to recruit and retain premier student-athletes that will continue the storied tradition of NIU Athletics.

Your support of cost of attendance will ensure we are competitive in all sports and have the ability to be successful in areas of:

  • Recruiting
  • Academics
  • Student-Athlete Well-Being

The Cost of Excellence

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This Is How You Can Help

Support a Cost of Attendance Endowment

  • 4% Yearly Return
  • 4 Year Endowment = $75,000
  • Why? $75,000 x 4% = $3,000
    ($3,000 sponsors ONE student-athlete per year)

Forever Huskies Endowment Program

This program directly benefits Huskie student-athletes and helps create a legacy that will support NIU Athletics now and for a lifetime.

Individuals who choose to support the Forever Huskie Endowment Program are helping sustain the continue excellence of NIU Athletics.

Our goal is to fully endow all 235 cost of attendance scholarships.

Our Needs | Your Program

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Heroes come and go, but Huskie legends are forever.

If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact the Huskie Athletic Fund: or (815) 753-1923