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Baseball Stadium
& Indoor Hitting Cages

General Overview & Summary


Ralph McKinzie Field’s relocation to a new stadium is just South of the recently-constructed outdoor recreation sports complex and just northeast of the Convocation Center. A batter standing at home plate will face to the North/Northeast looking at the pitcher’s mound instead of looking directly into the sun. New stadium features include bleacher seating for 1,500 (with 200-300 chairback seats), restrooms, concessions, and other amenities for spectators. An entry plaza behind home plate, improvements to the locker room, such as chairs for each player to use, increased locker space and other enhancements, will improve team preparation.


  • Improved team preparation amenities.
    (i.e. meeting space, locker rooms, storage)
  • Enhanced fan seating
  • Press box
  • Restroom facilities
  • Concessions
  • Competitive recruiting
  • Artificial turf will allow more outdoor practices early in season.
  • Indoor Hitting Cages will allow daily unrestricted access for Softball and Baseball to train.
  • Reduces scheduling demands in the Kenneth and Ellen Chessick Practice Center.

Project(s) Cost

Baseball Stadium: $4,000,000

Hitting Cages: $750,000

Total Cost: $4,750,000

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For more information on this project, please contact: or (815) 753-1923