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Campaign Overview

Family, Education, Tradition and Pride.

These four principles have provided the foundation upon which Northern Illinois University has shaped the lives of young people throughout the country.

In order to continue NIU Athletics’ mission to enhance NIU, our community and region through service and engagement while developing champions in the classroom, in competition and in life, and building on the rich history and success of the teams and individuals who have come before us, NIU Athletics has launched the Campaign To Sustain.

The Campaign To Sustain will ensure NIU Athletics’ ability to carry on the rich tradition established by previous generations, while lifting future Huskies to new heights and instilling our alumni and entire campus community with pride. In addition, an expectation of a dual solicitation benefiting both athletics & academics will benefit all Huskie students now and in the future.

Chair, NIU Foundation Board of Directors

Jeffrey M. Yordon

In planning for the future, it is important for us, as alumni, family, and supporters alike, to not only support, but help set the standard for the advancement of NIU’s tradition and accomplishments. The reality of this campaign is that our wonderful student-athletes need our help to sustain long-term success in the classroom and in competition. I am excited for the outcomes of this campaign and to see NIU Athletics sustain its current level of success and to take a needed step forward.

Associate Vice President | Director of Athletics

Sean T. Frazier

Through the Campaign To Sustain, we are asking all Huskie fans to come together to ensure that the proud tradition of NIU Athletics continues. We need everyone to be a part of this effort in order to navigate these challenging times in our state and on our campus. This Campaign provides many different ways for you to contribute to our sustainability and help build the future of Huskie Athletics for years to come.

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With the help of alumni and supporters, Huskie Nation thrives!

For more information on how you can support our student-athletes, please contact: or (815) 753-1923